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The Management of MWM International is very successfully involved since 1994 in the Network-Marketing Industry. Since the beginning we managed to integrate several ten thousands of Distributors in more than different countries (Europe – Asia-Pacific- Australia – America) into our system.

Through our experiences over decades in the Network-Marketing Industry and the successfully integration of several ten thousands of active Distributors we developed a effective and easy manageable system to support our Distributors through the newest technologies to support them to achieve their business goals.

We invite you to benefit personally by this know-how and the booming development of the Network-Marketing and Wellness Industry. Please contact us directly or visit our online introduction:

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a version of the franchise-industry with several elements of direct sales and its based on the recommendation of goods (products and services) of a manufacturer by a mediator (business partner) directly to end consumers.

It is up to the business partner himself, besides the possibility of selling goods and services directly to an end consumer to build additionally a network of business partners. All conceivable products are commercialized health products, nutrition supplements, cosmetics, perfume, jewellery to house cleaning products, kitchen articles, journeys, textiles, pet food and many more….

The contractual conditions in the Network marketing are the same for all involved business partners.

Network marketing is an chance to justify a home based business without qualification hurdles, without any significant high investments and without any geographical limitations.


Network marketing was born in the USA in the forties. A company from California made it possible for their employees to recruit business partners to sell their products directly to consumers and setup a network of branches to earn additional commissions of their sales.

The Network kept marketing also in Germany move in the eighties. Also in this country the market had to free itself from enterprises working dishonestly from itself soon and still must do this, too.

Nowadays the Network has found marketing new distribution ways by the Internet and the communication means connected with that.

40 million business partners in the Network marketing involviert are worldwide approx. (at the moment)

The prospects for this form of a business system are europe and worldwide over-average because she only shows low admission barriers and can be started with as a second job.

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