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Link and reprimands

MWM International Vertriebs GmbH is responsible according to the appropriate laws only for the "contents of its own" which it has ready for the use.

Cross-references ("links") have to be distinguished on the web pages of other suppliers by these contents of their own. By the cross-reference indicated as a "link" MWM International Vertriebs GmbH makes the access to "strange contents" possible.
By the cross-reference MWM International mediates sale GmbH. merely the access to the use of these contents. She is not responsible for these "strange" contents since it does not arrange for the conveyance of the information, does not select the addressee of the transmitted information and has the transmitted information not selected or changed either. An automatic short-time intermediate storage of this "strange information" is not carried out because of the chosen call and link method either so that no responsibility surrenders to MWM International Vertriebs GmbH through this either for these strange contents.

MWM International Vertriebs GmbH has checked the strange contents at the first combination with these Internet offers, however, after that whether a possible civil law or criminal responsibility is triggered through him. As soon as MWM International locks Vertriebs GmbH, however, or is pointed out to by others that a concrete supply for which it has provided a link triggers a civilian or criminal responsibility , it will immediately lift the reference to this supply as far as it is technically possible and reasonable.
For illegal, faulty or incomplete contents and particularly for damages which result from the use or not use of information of third parties alone the respective supplier of the side is liable, was referred to which ones.


All rights reserved by MWM International Vertriebs GmbH.
All sides are subject the copyright (copyright) to MWM International Vertriebs GmbH on this information server if not indicated differently. This applies particularly to texts, pictures, graphics, clay, video or animation files including the order on the web pages.

A copy or use of such pages (or parts of it) in other electronic or printed publications and their publication (also on the Internet) are allowed only according to a previous approval.

Pictures, graphics, text or other files can be completely or partly subject to the copyright of third parties.

All brands and mentioned within the Internet supply and protected by third parties if necessary trademarks are absolutely subject to the regulations of the respectively valid characteristic right and the possession rights of the respective registered owners. Due to the bare mentioning in our Internet offer the end alone does not have to be drawn that trademarks are not protected by rights of third parties.

Protection of data privacy

We would like to strengthen the confidence of the users in the Internet and disclose dealing with person-related data for this reason. You learn here, which information is collected how the information is used

Personal data

You can call our internet page in the rule without making any statements about your person. If in the individual case your name, your address or other personal data are needed, then you are pointed out to before this.

If you decide to leave personal data to us or our business partners via the Internet so that e.g. correspondence can be dealt or an order executed, then we will carefully handle these data after the strict regulations of the federal data protection law (BDSG).

These data do not use delete, we want to spend in travelling correspondingly so for the further making contact if you invite us //and/or//. By the calls of our internet page we receive use data. We evaluate these data to recognize trends and build statistics observe, however, the high safety standards of the tele-service data protection law (TDDSG) and the data protection ordinance at all measures for telecommunications enterprises (TDSV).

It is ruled out that use data or use profiles you bring in union with personal data and a "glassy user" arises. With our standards to the protection of data privacy we also fulfil the data protection devices of IBM which you can see from the outside under HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" privacy. If you still have questions on dealing with your data, you consult MWM International Vertriebs GmbH.

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